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Stress: How Smart Phones Are Ruining Your Life

It’s 3am. You’ve been lying in bed for 15 minutes after your overnight trip to the bathroom. It hits you. The urge to see what’s been posted to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media platform you belong to.

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This is Us – Lessons from William Hill

My wife and I are a little late to the game in discovering the NBC show This is Us (we rarely get to watch TV due to having a couple little ones), but we finally started watching. As with the rest of America, we’ve been captivated by the family dynamics, and the obvious affection the characters have for each other. In particular, I fell in love with William. The biological father that Randall finally just met at 36 years of age, and at a time when William is already in the end stages of cancer.

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How Do I Not Burden My Family?

Millions of people are coping with mental health issues at this very moment. It could be anxiety, depression, ADHD, or chronic stress. It’s pretty common to walk through life shouldering these burdens by ourselves.

Nobody wants to burden family, friends, or acquaintances with their problems.

Unfortunately, this means that the majority of people with mental health concerns end up not receiving appropriate treatment or support. Only one-third of those with a diagnosable anxiety disorder reach out for help!

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How to Find the Best Therapist for You

You’ve struggled for long enough with the stress and constant worry and decided it’s time to work with a therapist. But what’s the next step?

It’s not like you’ve done this 100 times before like meeting with your family physician. How do you know who’s good? How can you trust someone you don’t even know?

Searching for a therapist can be just as scary as the thought of going on with the issues that have you thinking of getting help in the first place!

Here are some tips that will hopefully make the process a little less stressful for you, and help you to find the therapist that fits with your personality and needs

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How to Stop Those Pesky Negative Thoughts

You had a good day. Got the kids to bed without too much fuss and they didn’t kill each other. Enjoyed dinner with the family and it felt like things were going well.

Then it happens. Out of nowhere, the little dark angel in your head reminds you of how yesterday wasn’t so hot. In fact, it says that yesterday you were a failure as a parent.

It starts off quiet, but before you know it, all you can think about is the many mistakes you’ve made. You focus on how everybody else is a better parent than you. You know your kids are going to be messed up as adults because of your screw ups!!

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