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We all experience anxiety or stress at various points in our lives. Check out my tips and tricks to take back control of your life!


Panic Attacks are THE WORST

I’ve had one panic attack in my life, and I’m thankful it came during grad school after I had already learned about them so I didn’t freak out too much. We were about 2 months out from the birth of our first daughter taking a birthing class at the hospital. Everything was going swimmingly… until…

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Mommy Burnout: Supermom Complex

Supermom complex We have an epidemic of supermom complex in our society. You may have never heard of it, but it can be a severe disorder that negatively impacts physical and mental health, as well as relationships. Supermom complex is when mom feels the need to be excellent at… everything. Parenting. Cleaning. Work. You name…

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Connection is Everything: 7 Tips to Build New Relationships

Our family is relatively new to Florida. It was July 2017 when we unloaded the POD and realized quickly that, despite the Washington, DC area being known for its heat and humidity, this was a whole new ballgame. Lift a chair and you sweat. Set the chair down and you just keep sweating. Thankfully, we…

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Mommy Burnout: How Values Can Help

When we think of overcoming stress, we typically think of cutting things from our to do list, learning strategies to help us relax, or dealing with the negative thoughts that run through our heads. All of those are useful tools in the fight against feeling overwhelmed, but they’re not the only things. They are missing…

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The Do Nothing Challenge

We constantly feel pressured to add things to our schedule. Society seems to reward being busy and punish anyone who takes time for themselves. No wonder so many people neglect their own self-care when it would lead to negative judgments from others!

You’re encouraged to work too much, schedule your kids in too many activities, and attend too many social events.

Everything FEELS so important.

How will your son ever play varsity baseball if he doesn’t play every season after the age of 5? What will your friends think if you tell them you’re taking some time for yourself?

And when you do have down time, I’m guessing it’s spent keeping up with social media, reading the news, or engaging with your phone in some way. I know this struggle personally!

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Are Kids Like an Ancient Torture Device?

The answer is yes. Or no. Or it depends on the day?

Okay, so this one might get me into big trouble. Let me start out by saying that kids are awesome and I love my two little munchkins more than anything.

Now that that’s out of the way… are kids like Chinese water torture?

If that question horrified you, I apologize. It’s just a comparison that popped into my head one morning as my un-caffeinated brain was trying to keep our girls occupied when they had woken up way before the sun.

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