Online Therapy for Florida Residents

I am now offering online video therapy to all residents in Florida and many countries internationally! It can be helpful to take advantage of online therapy for anxiety and depression.

If you find yourself too busy to get in the car for one more appointment, this is a way for you to still take care of your needs without breaking the schedule.

As long as you've got a private place to hang out for 45 minutes, a good internet connection (can you stream Netflix?), and a basic understanding of technology, this could be a terrific option for you.

When I say online therapy, what I mean is a video conversation.

If you've used Skype or Facetime in the past, then you know exactly what it's like!

The difference is that my platform, Zoom, is extra secure to ensure our conversation stays private, and I can share my screen with you to show you cool tips and tricks.

But, does online therapy work?

What if I told you that there was research that showed engaging in psychotherapy online was just as effective as in-person?

I know, I was surprised when I first investigated!

It seemed like the physical distance between the patient and the therapist would make it difficult to build a strong connection.

I thought it would be difficult to bond and to make use of body language that is so important to effective therapy. I was shocked when those barriers turned out to be non-issues!

I've come to love online therapy!

Not only has the online aspect not been a problem, I've found that in many ways it actually helps.

  • It's convenient - If you have kids who nap reliably, or only get an hour lunch break at work, you can squeeze in a session because you don't need to add in drive time or finding childcare.
  • Comfort - We have the opportunity to work in a space where you are the most comfortable. For some people, the distance actually makes it easier to develop an initial comfort level that can allow for more rapid progress!
  • Travel - Do you travel for work? No problem! As long as you have an internet connection in your hotel, you can still get the help you need while on the road.
  • Limited local options - For those who live in areas without a lot of mental health services, online therapy provides an opportunity for you to get the same quality of care as someone in a large metropolitan area. I can see patients anywhere in the state of Florida as well as expatriates in many countries overseas.
  • In-home problem solving - If you are regularly having obstacles that make it difficult to progress, we can walk through them together. You won't need to carry our discussion from the office, to the car, and then to your home (so many chances to forget or become distracted). Instead, we can literally walk through the steps in session, in your own home. Generalizing our ideas from the therapy office to the home is a challenge for many people, but that is something you don't need to worry about with online therapy.

So I'm saying that it's easier for you, and it may even help you feel better faster? YEP!

Of course no therapist can promise results, but I can say that the online aspect has not been a barrier to either building a strong therapeutic relationship, or to my patients growing into their ideal selves.

Is it right for you?

An important aspect of online therapy is considering if it's a good fit for you.

While most mental health issues can be appropriately addressed in this medium, some are not a good match.

For instance, if you are having strong thoughts of hurting yourself, in-person therapy is preferred.

If you're engaging in self-harm, it can be helpful to work with an in-person therapist who can monitor that you are caring for yourself.

It would be impossible to have a comprehensive list here, so we can discuss whether your specific situation is appropriate during your free initial consultation and decide together.

How does it work?

You're probably used to using Skype or FaceTime to communicate with family or friends.

My online video therapy platform is very similar to those, but provides extra security to meet HIPAA requirements and ensure our conversation is 100% private.

It's very easy to use on phones, tablets, or computers.

Once a consultation or therapy session is scheduled, you receive an e-mail with a link to download Zoom. Zoom is the application we use for our online video therapy session.

If you're on the fence about the technology, I encourage you to schedule a free 30 minute consultation so we can give it a test run and see if it fits your personal style.

If not, we can discuss what options are available to you that would best meet your individual needs.

I want you to get better, whether that means working with me or not!