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Become a Confident Person - Free yourself from Anxiety

What is anxiety?

A certain level of stress is typical and expected for everyone. Your work demands a lot, your schedule is always full, and you try and spend time with those you love. But normal stress can turn into anxiety, and anxiety can turn into overwhelm and panic attacks. The stress and anxiety can eventually become so problematic that they interfere with your everyday life.

Some common anxiety symptoms include:

-Constant worrying


-Problems sleeping

-Change in appetite (increase or decrease)

-A constant sense of “something bad is going to happen”

-Feeling like you might panic at any moment

-Avoidance of situations, being in public, or groups of people

-Snapping at loved ones


You may turn to things that only provide short-term relief like drinking, focusing on work too much, or finding other ways to zone out.

How can anxiety therapy help?

I help you find solutions to stress and anxiety that are custom-tailored to your needs. We start with the belief that anxious feelings are driven by the way that you think. If you’re feeling anxious, you’re having anxious thoughts, many of which aren’t true or based on realistic evaluations of your situation. Anxiety is fueled by countless “what if?” questions with no answers, and frequently imagining worst-case scenarios.

I help you change the way you relate to those thoughts in order to change the way you feel. At Pinellas Anxiety Specialists, I mostly rely on a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), the golden standard for treating anxiety (and depression) with the absolute highest success rates. Both ACT and CBT can be effective short-term approaches, so you don’t have to worry about being in therapy forever.

I find that working mindfulness into my approach to anxiety helps patients begin to understand their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes just increasing your awareness of the anxious thoughts you’re having can provide instant relief. I teach you to notice your thoughts and observe them as nothing more than thoughts. Many are surprised to discover their mind has been telling them lies for years! I help you learn to recognize those lies, and make decisions by choice rather than emotion.

At the end of your anxiety treatment, our goal is for you to walk away with a stronger sense of self-confidence and feeling more prepared in your ability to handle whatever life throws at you. The tools and skills you learn will be available to help you well beyond the end of our time together.

Some stress is inevitable, but you don’t need to feel constantly anxious.

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