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Anxiety... sucks

Everyone experiences some amount of stress. Your work demands a lot, your schedule is always full, and you try and spend time with those you love.

But normal stress can turn into anxiety, and that can become overwhelm and panic attacks. All of that stress and anxiety can eventually lead to problems big enough to interfere with your everyday life.

Some common anxiety symptoms include:

-Worrying all the time

-Feeling restless

-Problems sleeping

-Eating too much or having little appetite

-Constantly feeling like something bad is about to happen

-Feeling like you might panic at any moment

-Avoiding situations like being in public, or around groups of people

-Snapping at loved ones

-Feeling angry

When it gets to be too much, you may try to find relief from things like drinking, focusing on work too much, or looking to zone out.

Of course those short-term solutions aren't really solutions and lead to their own consequences in relationships, at work, etc.

Don't waste one more day - anxiety counseling can help

We help you identify solutions to relieve stress and anxiety that are specific to your personal situation.

To begin with, we acknowledge that anxious feelings develop from the way that you think. Anxious feelings are almost always accompanied by anxious thoughts (whether you recognize them or not), many of which aren’t based in reality or facts actually present in your situation.

Anxiety often comes with countless “what if?” questions. Questions that have no answers. And always picturing the worst-case scenarios. We help you change the way you relate to those thoughts in order to change the way you feel.

At Pinellas Anxiety Specialists, we mostly rely on a combination of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), the gold standards for treating anxiety (and depression) with the highest success rates. Both ACT and CBT can be effective short-term approaches, so we only keep you in therapy while you're having symptoms, not for years to come.

We find that working mindfulness into our approach to anxiety helps patients begin to understand their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes just becoming aware of the anxious thoughts can provide relief.

We teach you to notice your thoughts and observe them as a non-judgmental spectator. And to recognize that thoughts are just thoughts. Many are surprised to discover their mind has been telling them lies for years! We also help you learn to recognize those lies, and make decisions by choice rather than emotion.

When we finish your anxiety treatment, our goal is for you to leave feeling more prepared, and having a stronger sense of self-confidence in your ability to tackle all of life's challenges. The tools and skills you learn will be available to help you well beyond the end of our time together.

It's impossible to avoid all stress, but you don’t need to feel anxious all the time.

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We specialize in treating anxiety

All clinicians at Pinellas Anxiety Specialists have trained and worked for years to help others overcome their anxiety symptoms. Not going to lie, we've all experienced plenty of stress and anxiety in the process, so we know how miserable it feels. We don't want you to struggle through that one more day than you have to. The skills we hope to teach you are the same ones that we use to ensure the time with our families is quality over just quantity.

Because it's our primary specialty, you better believe that we'll be ready to go from the start. We'll hone in on your specific challenges and build an individualized treatment plan to reach your goals as quickly as possible. You deserve the best treatment... and we will do our best to provide it.

How do you help me reach my goals?

We utilize both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help our clients reach their goals.

Every session is individualized to your needs, because nobody benefits from a cookie cutter approach to therapy. We will focus on the specific strategies that will best apply to your situation. And when something doesn't work, we toss it out and try something new.

This sounds like too much work

When you're overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, it makes sense that you'd be hesitant to add one more thing (therapy) to your plate.

What our patients tend to find is that our work together helps them feel more energized and organized in their life so the challenges no longer feel insurmountable. Skeptics often turn into believers once they begin to enjoy the progress they've made.

Therapy is an investment in your personal well-being, and much like exercise it takes a bit of effort to see the best results.

I've tried therapy before and it didn't work

If we had a nickel for every time we heard this, we'd all be retired by now. We are sorry you've had that experience and it's understandable that you wouldn't want to waste your time trying therapy again.

We can tell you that we are constantly monitoring to ensure we're the right fit for our patients and have no problem referring you to someone who would be a better fit. If you ever feel your clinician is not the right one for you, we welcome that feedback so we can get you on the right path to feeling better. Your progress is most important, whether it's with us or not.

We have my patients fill out short rating scales periodically so we have actual data to measure progress... or identify if we're stuck. This data is so valuable in ensuring we don't spin our wheels.

We can never promise results, but we can promise we will always be working at least as hard as you.

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